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Corporate Policy

Z-CARD® Environmental Statement

We are very conscious of the potential effect of our processes, products and services on the environment. We have a clear environmental policy which ensures the following as applicable:

  • We manage our operations and activities to comply with applicable environmental laws.
  • We recycle as much waste paper as possible.
  • We use energy and fuel efficient machinery and transport.
  • We ensure the availability of recycled paper stocks and environmentally friendly printing processes.
  • Use of renewable paper sources at all times.

Z-CARD® Environmental Policy
Z-CARD® Ltd fully supports the preservation of the environment and encourages all employees to take necessary steps to ensure that no damage is done to the environment in the execution of their duties on behalf of the Company. The Company and its employees take responsibility for the environmental impacts of its activities.

Protection of the environment is central to our business strategy. Therefore we endeavour to:

  • Manage and minimise environmental risks identified in our processing operations, and support service activities.
  • Encourage sustainable development through business example and voluntary endeavors, both nationally and within the local community.
  • To offer best practice training to all staff members regarding environmental issues.


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