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About Z-CARD®

International PocketMedia® specialists


Focusing on the needs of a time poor and highly mobile generation, our goal is to deliver interactive and memorable communications for our clients which, delivered straight to the pocket, can be measured and which deliver fantastic and proven ROI.
We are an international team who are inspired by the opportunities for great communications that PocketMedia® delivers. Our main ZAMI offices are in Mumbai, Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi, Dubai, Istanbul, Jeddah, Cape Town, Port Louis and Durban. We are also part of an international network that includes the USA, Europe, UK, India, China, Japan and Australia. This means we can deliver your PocketMedia® campaigns locally, nationally or internationally.

A Global Team

The Z-CARD® international network provides PocketMedia® solutions across the world - operating in 80 offices in 65 countries. With co-ordinated systems for sales and production we offer the same consistently high standards everywhere in the world so that our clients can choose to work with any Z-CARD® team with equal confidence in our ability to meet expectation. Our international reach means that we are able to run multi-country campaigns and have successfully delivered these for clients including Shell and Apple.

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